Commonly Asked Questions



What is included in basic window cleaning service?

Basic window cleaning service includes cleaning the interior & exterior of window glass and wiping down sills. We will clean up the mess that we have made, if any.

How do you clean the windows?

Most people clean their windows with some kind of spray-and-towel variation. This only moves the dirt around on the window and leaves streaks that can be very frustrating to remove. We use professional solutions and tools, designed to suspend the dirt in the solution and remove the solution from the window. You will be surprised at how clean your windows will be!

What geographic areas does Terry’s Window Cleaning, Inc. serve?

We serve the Central Illinois area including Peoria, Tazewell & Woodford counties, as well as some parts of Fulton & Marshall counties.

How much experience does your crew have?

Most of our employees have been cleaning windows for over 10 years. We have a very low turn-over rate with our workers and we always send at least one qualified site supervisor to any job site, residential or commercial.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are.  It is important to know that any contractor you allow in and around your property is insured.  We would be happy, once we are hired, to have our agent send you a Certificate of Insurance.  Furthermore, in order to confirm your choice of Terry’s Window Cleaning, Inc., you are welcome to view our profile with the Better Business Bureau (click here).

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

When we meet to discuss your bid, we can tailor a cleaning schedule that pertains to your particular needs, as different locations may require more frequent cleaning.

How long is a window cleaning estimate valid?

Estimates are valid for 6 months only. Prices are subject to change after 6 months.

How soon can you clean my windows?

For all businesses and houses beginning a regular maintenance schedule, your window cleaning will usually begin the first opportunity in the agreed schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) after the estimate is accepted.

My windows look foggy all the time. Will window cleaning make the fog go away?

“Foggy” windows are often damaged or defective double-paned windows. This does not “clean up” because the fog is between the panes of glass and comes from a broken seal on the window frame.

Do you only clean windows in the summertime?

We can clean your windows in any season. We change our formula to meet the changing conditions of the season. It’s never too hot or too cold to have sparkling clean windows.

What is a construction clean-up?

The process of a construction clean-up consists of removing construction or remodeling debris from window glass and sills. Paint, stucco, silicone, mortar, caulk, stickers and stain commonly need to be removed in this process. These materials can cause great damage to modern-day glass, called “Low-E” glass, which scratches very easily. Your construction company should take the responsibility to protect your glass during construction or remodeling & remove any debris from the glass and window sills before a professional window cleaner is hired.


When is payment due?

Payment arrangements are made prior to beginning the work. For residential and most commercial customers, payment is due at the time of each service. For customers who are approved to be invoiced, an employee signature will be obtained at the time of each service.

Should I tip?

Tipping is never required, but greatly appreciated and will always go to the employee who serviced your business or home. Tips can be paid by cash or added to a check payment.

What if it rains, or looks like rain, at the scheduled time?

I have been in business over 45 years, and I have always cleaned windows rain or shine.  Once a window has been professionally cleaned, it will stay clean, even if rained on.

What should I do if my building was powerwashed?

When buildings are powerwashed, water with a high mineral content gets sprayed on the windows and can permanently deposit onto the glass.  To protect your windows, it would be best if you rinse them as soon as possible with distilled water before the powerwashed windows dry.


How soon can you clean my home windows?

In order to provide high quality service to all of our customers, we prefer at least two to three weeks advance notice.

Do I need to be home while services are performed?

That is your choice. Many of our residential customers are not home during the cleaning, especially if it is the outside windows only. Some make private arrangements ahead of time, even for inside work, providing instructions, keys, codes, etc.

Should I clean my windows more than once a year?

Monthly or quarterly window cleaning helps keep hard water spots and mineral damage from forming on the glass. These spots are often created by underground sprinkler systems and acid rainfall. Once these spots adhere to your windows, they can only be removed with aggressive and expensive chemicals. Monthly or quarterly window cleaning helps prevent window damage.

Can you clean my windows for a special event?

If you are a regular customer with Terry’s Window Cleaning, Inc., we do allow for extra cleanings to be added to your schedule for a special event. We appreciate at least two to three weeks advance notice.

Should I tip?

Tipping is never required, but greatly appreciated and will always go to the employee who serviced your home. Tips can be paid by cash or added to a check payment.


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